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Located in Moscow PA, Fischer Brothers LLC has provided high quality, affordable, residential and small commercial excavation services to NEPA for over ten years. Fischer Brothers LLC was founded in 2004 by brothers Robert and Jeff Fischer. As a local, family owned and operated business, Fischer Brothers LLC is proud to serve their customers with hard work, outstanding customer service and highly skilled excavation and landscaping services.

Fischer Brothers Excavating, Foundations

What We Do

Fischer Brothers provides a wide range of residential excavation services.


Fischer Brothers Excavating


Fischer Brothers LLC is an excavating company experienced in all aspects of residential and commercial excavation. We have the ability to develop entire sites from clearing, grading, demolition, excavating, and underground utility installation. We will create a site ready for your next project to begin in a timely, cost effective and reliable manner.


Fischer Brothers Excavating


The foundation is the most important part of any building, whether it is a house or commercial structure the foundation is what everything else is built on.  Getting the foundation right is vital to ensure that your building project is successful.  Quality foundation work begins with a quality excavation contractor. From site prep including lot clearing and grading to digging for the foundation Fischer Brothers LLC is a full service excavating company located in Moscow, PA.




While there are other options out there for growing your lawn, such as hand seeding or using sod; the benefits of hydroseeding win out. Sod may give you that instantaneous lawn, but as is with anything else you pay for the convenience of instant. Hydroseeding requires less man power than putting in sod so it is less expensive. The price of putting in sod will run you a good three times (or more!) the amount of hydroseeding.


Fischer Brothers Excavating, Grading

Grading Yards & Driveways

Land grading creates a suitable landscape for buildings, facilities, and other land uses and helps to control water runoff and soil erosion. Proper grading of your property or project site is vital for proper drainage and to create a functional space. To make sure your land grading is done properly call the professionals at Fischer Brothers LLC, we are professional excavators specializing in land grading of all types.


Fischer Brothers Excavating, Septic Systems


Fischer Brothers LLC is an excavating contractor specializing in excavation for residential and small commercial underground utility installation services. We have the skills and equipment to provide trenching for gas, water, sewer and electrical line installation on any job. We also offer water meter pit, grinder pump and electrical conduit installation.


Fischer Brothers Excavating, Septic Systems

Septic Systems

A septic system is a mini wastewater treatment plant for your home. Every home not connected to a public sewer needs a septic system. Whether you are building a new home with a septic system or replacing a failing system you will need a professional excavator to get the job done. A properly installed septic system is vital as it will prevent the contamination of surface, ground and drinking water with disease causing bacteria. Fischer Brothers LLC is your local choice for professional excavation services and septic system installation at an affordable price. We offer septic tank installation & repair, raised sand mound system installation (turkey mounds), septic to sewer conversion, grinder pumper installation and septic/leach drain field installation.


Fischer Brothers Excavating, Hauling Services


Getting the right materials to the job site on time and efficiently is the key to keeping your project on schedule and on budget. At Fischer Brothers LLC we deliver materials to worksites within a thirty mile radius of Moscow, PA. From one ton truck loads to twenty two ton triaxles we can haul materials for any job big or small.

Materials Available:

  • Topsoil
  • Fill dirt
  • Stone
  • Sand
  • Rip rap
  • Mulch
  • Crushed stone
  • Gravel
  • Modified
  • Sand mound sand
  • Driveway gravel
  • And more


Fischer Brothers Excavating, Drainage Systems


The weather in Northeastern Pennsylvania can be unpredictable and storm water can be a powerful force with the potential to cause great damage to your property. Whether it’s a wet basement, excessive water around the foundation of your home or an unusable, muddy backyard due to poor drainage, Fischer Brothers LLC has the skills and expertise to assess and remedy your water drainage problems. We offer commercial water drainage solutions.


Fischer Brothers Excavating, Demolition Services


Demolition of a large structure can be dangerous and is not a do it yourself job. The professionals at Fischer Brothers LLC are your source for safe, efficient and cost effective demolition services in North Eastern PA. We have the tools and know how to safely demolish structures including houses, garages, barns, trailers, fences and more.

At Fischer Brothers LLC we take great pride in our professionalism and customer satisfaction. When your demolition project is completed you won’t be left with a mess, instead you will have a clean and clear sight that is ready for your next project to begin.


Fischer Brothers Excavating, Lot Clearing

Land & Lot Clearing

Lot clearing for commercial or residential projects can be a difficult, dangerous and labor intensive job that requires heavy equipment. At Fischer Brothers LLC we have the experience and skill to safely clear your land to make room for your new home, driveway, building, parking lot or other commercial application. Whether your site prep requires tree removal, brush clearing and chipping, stump pulling or clearing of debris, Fischer Brothers LLC has the tools to do the job safely and efficiently. Our work creates a site ready for your building project to begin.



Licensed, certified and insured, we provide excavation services to areas within a 30-mile radius of Moscow, Pennsylvania, including, Jefferson Twp., Daleville, Gouldsboro, Hamlin, Lakeville, Greentown, Scranton, Tafton, Tobyhanna, and portions of Stroudsburg, and Lake Wallenpaupack.


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