Need A Lot Cleared?



Have you been looking to clear away a spot of land for your new home or building, or maybe looking to put in a new drive way or parking lot? We’ve got you covered!

Deciding to clear a lot of land whether it be a humble residential plot, or a sizable commercial plot, is no small undertaking. The thought alone of all the earth to dig up, and tree stumps to remove, can make your head spin. Clearing lots can be time consuming and very dangerous to take on alone; it is highly recommended that a professional be called in to handle the work.

Clearing away land to prepare for your project can be tedious process. You may need to have trees removed, as well as stumps. Then there is the clearing out of vegetation, such as bushes. There may also be rocks that can be in the way that need to be removed before the land can be graded (leveled, or made flat).

You will want to find a contractor that can handle the extensive work load and has the tools and equipment needed to safely and effectively get the job done. The professional excavation contractors at Fischer Brothers Excavation are the contractors you need, with the experience and tools (including a bobcat and a backhoe, to name a few) to help you complete your project – no matter what stage in the process you are at.

Our rates are affordable and we service a 30 miles radius of Moscow, PA.

Give us a call today for a free quote!
Ask for Jeff (570-241-1301) or Bob (570-241-2977)

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Courteous, fair price and work done professionally! I will certainly use them hesitation to recommend to anyone.

- John M.