Plant Your Lawn for Next Year!

Hydroseeding for Erosion Control

Fall is officially here in Northeastern PA and now is a great time to think about planting your lawn for next year! Hydroseeding is a wonderful option for getting that beautiful, full coverage of grass you’ve been searching for. Now is the time to get your lawn in before the cold of winter sets in. Let Fischer Brothers help you get a jump-start on next year’s lush, green grass by doing the work now.

Reasons to choose Hydroseeding

While there are other options out there for growing your lawn, such as hand seeding or using sod; the benefits of hydroseeding win out. Sod may give you that instantaneous lawn, but as is with anything else you pay for the convenience of instant. Hydroseeding requires less man power than putting in sod so it is less expensive. The price of putting in sod will run you a good three times (or more!) the amount of hydroseeding.

Hydroseeding also has the benefit of being environmentally safe. And being that it is non toxic it is safe to have around your pets, children, or anyone else you may have wandering around on your lawn. Despite this – it is recommended that everybody stays off the lawn until the lawn has had it’s time to establish itself.

A fun facts about hydroseeding – it can be a great tool to prevent soil erosion! This is due to how great at retaining water hydroseeded lawns are. This also leads to healthier growing grass that is greener and has deeper established roots; which allow for more nutrients to be soaked up

Hydroseeding is also known to have less weed growth than other methods, which means less work for you come Spring! Ready to jump into a greener lawn with hydroseeding? Give us a call at 570-241-1301 (Jeff) orĀ 570-241-2977 (Bob)!

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Courteous, fair price and work done professionally! I will certainly use them hesitation to recommend to anyone.

- John M.