Winter is Coming – Are your Drains ready?

Fischer Brothers Excavating Drainage Systems

We are finally into the full swing of Fall here in Northeastern PA with the leaves changing, the air cooler, pumpkins popping up everywhere and everyone pulling out their fleeces. There are very few sights as enjoyable as Fall, but along with the cooler weather comes the rain; and you may find yourself with not enjoying the view of fall so much if your yard is full of muddy water.

Not having the proper drainage systems around your home can lead to many unwanted problems. Excess water is just the foothold that mold needs to nestle in and multiply. This is a health hazard and if you happen to have asthma or allergen sensitivities you can expect them to get worse from mold.

Having insufficient drainage around your home can also lead to structural damage and loss of stability of your foundation. Water can seep into cracks and when water freezes it expands, which cause the cracks to become larger and more damaging. Having water around your foundation can produce unpleasant discoloration, or even premature aging of any concrete or exterior brick on your home.

Another unfortunate outcome of inadequate drainage is insect infestation. Moist environments often will attract small insects, even termites, which are very damaging to all parts of your home. Mice as well will be more prone to finding ways in and they have an obnoxious habit of chewing away at your walls and your wires; which can cause an electrical fire behind your walls.

Thankfully we have just the tools to fix any drainage problems you may have! We are capable of installing all types of drainage pipes to meet your needs, from underground pipes (from a gutter downspout), foundation drains, culvert pipes and french drain installation. We also take care of any interior water problems you may be having, such as a flooded basement, just ask Jeff (570-241-1301) or Bob (570-241-2977) about sump pump and basement drain installations.

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Courteous, fair price and work done professionally! I will certainly use them hesitation to recommend to anyone.

- John M.