Block Retaining Walls

Landscape Retaining Walls

At Fischer Brothers, we are certified to install block retaining walls and have gathered a reputation for our work in the North Pocono area. Block retaining walls can be a multi-functional feature for your property. We know it is very important your new block retaining wall is built properly to avoid future damage and excess repair charges.

Not sure if you need a block retaining wall? A block retaining wall is great for

Block retaining walls make property maintenance easy by removing unwanted slopes on the land. Once the land is leveled, it is perfect and ready to meet any of your needs, whether it’s increasing the size of your yard, expanding your driveway, or simply prepping the land for further construction and foundation work. Additionally, at Fischer Brothers, we will install a drainage system in your wall that can handle NEPA’s rainiest days. Fischer Brothers has the experience necessary to build you a block retaining wall that will function properly and will have a polished look that will last a lifetime.

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