Boulder Retaining Walls

Boulder Walls

In most cases, a property requires a retaining wall to level out harsh slopes, utilize more space, or help with grading. When you choose Fischer Brothers to build your boulder wall, you get function and a visually pleasing wall that compliments your home, landscape, and the environment around your property.

All materials for retaining walls are locally sourced from the surrounding North Pocono area. Fischer Brothers will use material from your property which adds to the natural appearance of the wall. Depending on your boulder wall’s size, Fischer Brothers can complete the project in a week minimum.

At Fischer Brothers, we have been making durable boulder walls since we opened 15 years ago. Our boulder walls are completed with quality and longevity in mind. We mastered our technique that makes your new boulder wall strong and aesthetically pleasing. At Fischer Brothers, we do not double stack our walls—this makes for a stable wall built to last and a pattern in the stonework that adds to your property’s appearance. Additionally, Jeff stacks the ends for your wall to make a polished, finished look. Your new boulder wall will be able to withstand harsh NEPA weather to add beauty and functionality to your property for years to come.

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