Foundation Repair

Repair Foundation

Why care if your foundation needs repair?

Whether you own a home or a commercial building, the foundation is the most important part because everything is built upon it.

If your foundation has any problems, you could be in danger of major structural damage. Depending on the type of soil the structure was built upon or maintenance, you could experience either settlement or movement of your foundation. The problem with damaged foundations is that the structure can quickly become unsafe and not be able to be occupied, causing increased expenses to your bottom line. The value of your property can also decrease rather quickly.

Your foundation will often show cracks or you’ll soon realize there is poor drainage, places where there will be rises in the settlement, etc.

The foundation then could bring along other hazards, like tripping from uneven pavement.

In order to know if you may be experiencing foundation problems, you may want to look for some obvious signs which include cracks in walls, sheetrock or floors, uneven floors or walls, doors or windows that are out of place or cracked bricks.

If you recognize that you are experiencing any of these issues, it probably is a good idea to call a professional as soon as possible. The quicker the problem is treated; there may be a better chance of decreased cost and overall headache to you.


Basement access dug out

If you feel your foundation could use some repair and reside in Moscow, PA and the surrounding areas such as: Gouldsboro, Madisonville, Mt Cobb, Springbrook, Hamlin, Lake Ariel, Greentown, and Newfoundland, call Fischer Brothers today, as you really can’t afford to wait!