Pole Building / Shed Pad Prep

Surface prep and Shed

Fischer Brothers LLC have been offering pole building and shed pad prep services in the North Pocono area for the last 15 years. Fischer Brothers handles building projects of any size—from as small as an 8’x10’ shed or as big as an 80’x120’ pole building. Timelines for projects vary based on size, but at Fischer Brothers, we always abide to project schedules to ensure your site will be finished on time. You will never have to worry about missed delivery, inconvenient construction dates, or rushed, incomplete jobs.

Here at Fischer Brothers, we recognize that a shed or pole building is an investment. We make sure the job is done properly to help you avoid any costly repairs in the future. It all starts with the foundation of your new shed or pole building. We use stone as a modifier which makes for a sturdy base for the pole building and shed. If it is necessary for either project, Fischer Brothers will level any slopes on the building site or fill it with stable material to create an even start to the foundation.

When it comes to shed pad preparation, Fischer Brothers make sure the site is ready for your new shed. A shed pad site completed by Fischer Brothers is suited for any shed that has a wood base, including pre-fabricated sheds. Our dedication to creating a strong foundation for your new structure will make for an even stronger pole building or shed, especially with Northeast Pennsylvania’s unpredictable weather.

The prices for pole building and shed pad preparation are based on job size. Contact us to schedule an estimate.