Your Solution for Snow Removal in NEPA

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We all know that winters in NEPA undoubtedly pack a dangerous punch as ice and snow can accumulate quickly.

Let Fischer Brothers help to keep you safe this Winter Season. Our winter weather solutions include Snow Removal, Snow Hauling, Plowing, Cindering & Salting and Ice Management.

Not sure what service option is best, phone Fischer Brothers for a consultation. Our fees are competitive and are on an hourly basis for service.


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Snow removal is essential as it poses insurance and safety risks for business owners, employees and tenants.

Fischer Brothers can assist with snow removal and help to form an emergency plan if you need to keep operational during a winter storm or blizzard.

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Snow Hauling

When large areas of snow need to be cleared, it is inevitable that snow piles could quickly mound. If your lot or parking area simply can’t handle large snow mounds, call Fischer Brothers. After plowing the designated area, Fischer Brothers will haul the snow away in order to keep the area clear for employees or residents.


Fischer Brothers has the necessary equipment to plow driveways, access roads, and parking lots. Licensed and insured, Fischer Brothers has the expertise to get the job done safely and quickly. Depending on your need, Fischer Brothers will make multiple passes throughout the life of the storm.

Cindering & Salting

Fischer Brothers will cinder and salt, before, during and after the storm. Sometimes cindering and salt is a preventative measure used to get ahead of a winter snowstorm. It is never a bad idea to be prepared. Fischer Brother won’t quit though, until the job is done. As the snow goes, so does Fischer Brothers. We will continue to fight the elements throughout the storm. Ice and snow can be a dangerous combination, so cindering and salting will help to improve adverse winter conditions.

Ice Management

Ice-Melt is a fast friend for any driveway, roadway or walkway that is frozen over. Fischer Brothers will evaluate the situation and provide the proper ice-melt for the surface being treated. Depending on the nature and combination of snow and ice, Fischer Brothers will quickly deploy services to keep your winter weather woes under control.

Licensed, certified and insured, we provide Snow Removal, Snow Hauling, Plowing, Cindering & Salting and Ice Management services to areas within a 30-mile radius of Moscow, Pennsylvania, including, Jefferson Twp., Daleville, Gouldsboro, Hamlin, Lakeville, Greentown, Scranton, Tafton, Tobyhanna, and portions of Stroudsburg, and Lake Wallenpaupack.