Trying to sell your home but learned you have drainage issues?

Anyone who lives in NEPA knows that the weather can be quite unpredictable. Some of those heavy storms might have affected your property more than you hoped, and now maybe you can not sell your home like you planned. Whether it’s a wet basement, excessive water around the foundation of your home or an unusable, muddy backyard due to poor drainage, Fischer Brothers LLC has the skills and expertise to assess and remedy your water drainage problems. We offer residential and small commercial water drainage solutions. Whatever your drainage issue is, Fischer Brothers LLC can get it solved and have you on your way to your dream house.

Fischer Brothers LLC uses various applications to control the flow of water including, grading, swales, culvert pipes and French drain installation, to insure that water flows away from sensitive areas and into a desired location. We also install drainage pipes of all types including foundation drains and underground pipes from gutter downspouts.

Our service areas include Scranton, Daleville, Sterling, Tobyhanna, Gouldboro, Mount Cobb, Hamlin, Roaring Brook and all areas within a 30 mile radius of Moscow, PA.

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John M

Courteous, fair price and work done professionally! I will certainly use them hesitation to recommend to anyone.

- John M.