Hydroseed, Hydroseeding, Moscow PA


  1. Hydroseeding your lawn produces grass faster. Due to the seeds being in contact with water the germination cycle will kick in sooner. Grass is often reported as having sprouted within the first week after application.
  1. As opposed to the dried out look of straw mulch, hydroseeding gives you a more attractive, green appearance.
  1. Straw Mulch also has a tendency to be full of weed seeds. Hydroseeded mulch contains none.
  1. Depending on your needs or wants for a lawn, hydroseeding can easily be custom tailored to the job. Contractors may even find themselves using up to three different seeds for a single site; for areas in shade or high traffic areas, etc.
  1. Hydroseeded mulch has more health benefits for your lawn as it decomposes in that it adds to the humus content which leads to better moisture and nutrient retention. Straw mulch as is decomposes leaches out nitrogen from the soil which leads to yellow looking grass.
Hydroseed, Hydroseeding, Moscow PA


  1. Price. Hydroseeding in general will cost you 3 to 5 times less than Sod. Hydroseeding in a short time will produce a turf just as good-looking as sod and save you quite a bit.
  1. Hydroseeds are grown on your lawn. Sod, being grown in a place other than your lawn, can have the issue of being incompatible with your soil. If you have ever seen sod long after it was planted looking like it could be rolled back up off the ground then that is considered sod that did “not take”.
  1. Since sod is grown elsewhere first, the roots are chopped off resulting in a less healthy plant.
  1. Sod if not installed correctly by someone with lots of experience can lead to unwanted results. When it shrinks after the first month you can end up with gaps between the sod rows. Sod requires a lot of care to achieve a successful lawn. Some people opt for sod on their front lawn and hydroseed on their back lawn; if you choose to use sod we hope you ask a trained professional about the proper watering and fertilizing steps you will need to take to ensure a beautiful new lawn.

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